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non administrator to install drivers

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Dear all

Could we get help, we have windows 7 and windows xp, we want normal users (non administrator) able to install drivers as printer drive ..
the users some of them in domain and some of them in local ..
what is easy way?
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Top Expert 2012
On a Windows 7 machine, you would modify the following Group Policy:

Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Printers, and within that section disable "Point and Print Restrictions"

Here is a good TechNet article that explains this a bit more in-depth:

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The difficulty is that you have mixed environment question.
You could use GPO and rights assignment for the ad systems to allow users to add drivers.
There is a security issue with those types of rights.

Configuring non ad users as power users on the system might be an option.


is there is any way to change the rigtes of my defult domain user gorup  or how
i can create new group to allow them to install printers or any drivers also to hock up wirless
or to change the IP address if they hocked up to any other network while they are traveling
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We are always glad to help and have provided you with viable solutions for installing printer drivers.  However, your follow-up questions are probably a bit too off-topic and would be more appropriate in separate Experts Exchange questions.
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On mobile computers, the user has to be setup as the local admin which will address all your issues.


Dear All

We treid to follow the steps but no success to install driver or printer drivers.
I want share one things all computers which we want allow non administrator user to install the drivers or prineter drivers on site it are not in head office we did not want to give them admin rights.

how allow non admin can install driver or printer ?
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Not sure which options you tried.

Note that some tools like Symantec endpoint protection have their own enforcement that will prevent non administrator account from installing even if your GPO allows it.
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I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Not enough information to confirm an answer.
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I believe that the author's original question was answered in my first reply (http:#a37847640).  His related follow-up questions remain unanswered, but that's why I previously recommended that he open another question accordingly.