Keyboard/touchpad not working after virus removal

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A friend just dropped off his Gateway T Series laptop which is running Vista 32 bit.  It had a bunch of viruses, which I was able to remove.  All virus scanners and spyware scanners come back clean.  The laptop is working fine with one exception; the keyboard and touchpad do not show up or work in Windows.  Duing the POST, everything is fine, I can get to the BIOS, boot manager, etc; but as soon as Windows loads, the keyboard and touchpad stop working and do not show up in the device manager.  External USB keyboard and mice work fine.  He's got a bunch of programs and data on here, I really don't want to do a reload if possible  Not sure if caused by viruses or user, but the system restore was turned off and there are no restore points.  I also went to the Gateway website to look for drivers; it is pretty useless, there was a touchpad driver, which I ran, but it said it could not find a touchpad.

Has anyone seen this before and had any luck fixing it?

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Reinstall the latest service pack of Vista.. if their are any corrupt files it should repair..
also try to update the drivers from the windows site.
Keyboard should normally work fine even with default drivers so i suspect corrupt windows.
You could also try at Gateway itself?
Save them to a USB pen drive if you have problems using the laptop
Here is the genuine site you can choose from it will repair anything missing only
 the choice 1 the automated
choice two download the most recent at the top
Gateway T Series Laptop Drivers Installer Current as of (Apr,14,2012)
56k -> 9m      512k < 1m click on the download using IE 9 it will offer to save them if you look to the bottom of the browser

Choice 3:  Enter the product name or number directly:

or go here and download your choice of Touchpad Driver
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are there any errors in device manager?
also uninstall the touchpad from device manager and scan for hardware changes :
Have you tried Startup repair?

Afetr POST press F8 and select Repair Your Computer

Select your Keyboard Layout and enter the User Name and Password then select Startup Repair and let the computer run through the process and let it do any repairs necessary restart and see if that fixes your issue.

Also have you run your security programs in safe mode in order to be sure that any virus or malware are not blocking the software when windows is fully loaded?


Tried all of the above, nothing worked.  Still, on POST the keyboard is fully functional; F2, F10, Cap Lock all work fine....right up until Vista starts to load, then the keyboard and touchpad go dead.  They do not even show up in the device manager.  He has no restore disk or OS disk, and it looks like you can't even get one from Gateway any longer.  So, fixing it is the only viable alternative.  Any other thoughts?
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probably on a new install it works (that's what i do to test it) and an update may have caused the problem
also - was th keyboard changed?  and does it happen wiht another one?
you can try usb and PS/2 keyboards


Just to be clear, as I stated above:

-An exteranl usb mouse and keyboard work fine
-The laptop keyboard and touchpad work perfectly UNTIL vista loads; it is definatley a Windows issue
-We DO NOT have a reinstall disk; I really need to fix it if at all possible

This was most likely caused by a virus (which has since been totally removed)
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please note that "Tried all of the above, nothing worked"  does not give us any info, so, may i   ask to answer the questions from above -to be able to help you :
1-did you try startup repair?  what happens? here is how :      repair Vista
2-are there any errors in device manager?
also uninstall the touchpad from device manager and scan for hardware changes (see above)
Non of the above proved helpful; the owner just purchaced a new copy of Vista.


Non of the other solutions worked.

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