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I am trying to find the exact definition of zoning . I encounter one definition i.e zoning based on enforcement type

Hardware Based
   - Frame Based  - In This Either WWN or WWPN
   - Session Based  - In This mixed of WWN WWPN

There is no software based zoning any more on brocade switches .

MY Question 1/ Is The above Zoning correctly defined if not Correct me
2/ What actually frame and session signify here
3/ Is Still Zoning can be defined as hard and soft .

Quite confused with zoning definition please correct me

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What, exactly, are you trying to find out?  As your research revealed, there are multiple definitions of zoning. Quite understandable, as it would take months just to read some of the T13/T11 ANSI manuals so a developer can get up to speed.
You are getting hung up on subjective, interpreted terms, and context matters.  
1) Yes this is ONE definition.  Other people say the types are port wwn (pWWN) and domain/port (D,P). Others say it is WWN and port zoning.  Choose whatever makes you happy.  

2) Too subjective, I have no idea what that author meant.

3) Obviously it can be defined that way because you are citing some document that says so.

Sorry to be vague but you are getting hung up on subjective definitions.
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I think there is a slight confusion here.

WWN and WWPN are both unique identifiers, WWN of the adapter and WWPN of a port on this adapter.

Zoning can be done either by WWN/WWPN or a port/domain combination.

When using the WWNs for zoning  whole adapters will get access to their zones, while when using the WWPNs only the respective ports are allowed to acces their zones.
But in either case it's basically the same concept.

On the other hand access to zones can be granted by means of the domain(=switch)/port combo,
which means that any WWN/WWPN attached to a specific port on a specific switch can access the zone of that port.

Frame-based access enforcement is performed when the members of a zone use either WWN/WWPN based identification or when all these members use the domain/port identification method.

Further, frame-based filtering imperatively requires that zones don't overlap.
Two zones are said to overlap when a specific adapter port identified by WWN is in the first zone while the switch port where this adaper port is connected to  (identified by domain/port) is in the second zone.

Consequently, session based enforcement is used in overlapping zones or in zones with mixed WWN (or WWPN) and domain/port identified members.

Frame based as well as session based filtering is hardware (ASIC) enforced.

The old "soft zoning" mechanism which used Name Server Masking was only used in the older 1 GB/s switches.



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