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Hi ,

i am a consultant and my client is in need of unified storage. He will be using mySQL.
I am not sure what can i offer to him  , i was looking at Quantastor or a Dell MD 3600

Any ideas ?
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he is looking to work on MYSQL and he did not give much info other than he is looking for unified storage,
I checked all emc , and dell MD's but none of them is "certified" for unified storage . Most of them are appropriate for static storage.
I got a bt lost as well as i am not very familiar with unified storage.
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Unified storage just means it does both file and block level, so a cheap nasty NAS box with iSCSI support meets that criterion; I think your client has picked up on the term without realising what it is. MYSQL can use NFS (file) or block level storage, but it doesn't need both; in fact it will be fastest with the money spend on direct attached storage (local disks) even in a shared-nothing cluster.

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