How do I search  in Excel that has multiple worksheets

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I'm using Microsoft Excel 2007 in a Windows 7 environment; and I have several different documents which contain between 10 and 25 worksheets each. Is there a way to use the search function to search ALL WORKSHEETS in the entire document, for a particular term? Thank you.
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1. In the home menu click the Find and Select OR use Ctrl- F to open the search dialog box
2. Click the "Options" button to expand the choices if this is not already expanded
3. Besides the"Within" drop down menu,  change the value from "sheet" to workbook"
4. Enter your term in the "Find What " field and you can search all workbooks

Oops, my comment above is for you to search all workbooks in a worksheet.  So that won't serve your purpose.

If all the worksheets are in a single folder, you could probably use the Windows text search function
I think you can do it from the open file window.

There is a search box at the top right of the open file window.



Not sure where the confusion is, but your first suggestion was accurate. It worked like a charm. Thanks.

OKay then.  On top of searching multiple workbooks, I then thought you wanted to search for text in different (xls) worksheets in one shot.

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