IBM SAN , Brocade , SVC - Steps of Zoning

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Please correct me if the following steps are not correct or someiathing more added to make zone more secure

-- . Single Initiator Multiple Target ( Preferred Zoning )

collect all WWPN of Host
Step 1/ create alias i.e alicreate aliasname, "WWPN"
Step 2 / zonecreate zonename , " aliasname;storageIO1;storageIO2"
Step 3 / cfgadd fabricname ;zonename
Step 4 / cfgenable fabricname
Step 5 / zone-validate

I have following question

1/ All the above steps are correct and in proper order
2/ Step 2 -- If it is SVC then here are port of SVC NODE but in case of non SVC please help
3/ Can We add more security by adding some DH-CHAP somewhere in above steps

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1) correct
2) correct, given the aliases "storageIO1" and "storeageIO2" have also been created with "alicreate"  beforehand.
3) Correct, given "fabricname" is a configuration name created previously using "cfgCreate".

4) and 5) Wrong sequence! (5) should be run first!

4) (formely (5)) : "zone --validate", not "zone-validate"!
5) (formerly (4)): Correct.

non-SVC: use the WWNN  (or the alias created from it) of your storage server.
Depending on the storage server model WWNN will either allow access to all ports on all adapters or to all ports on a specific adapter. Please check the docs of that machine.
On a DS8000 use the WWNN which pertains to the "Storage Image", i.e. all ports on all adapters of the the two machines making up the underlying Power cluster.

DH-CHAP - I never used it. Issue "help authUtil" on the switch for more info.




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