deleting oracle database from registry

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Dear All,

i need to drop a database instance from my server and i need to use the same name for this database so i need to make sure that i deleted everything from that server, which items should i delete from registry to accomplish that?.

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There is no entry in registry of the database..
if your database service is their you can use SC to remove the specific entry. please see below link for some more details.
Praveen Kumar ChandrashekatrDatabase Analysist Senior
1) You can use DBCA utility for dropping the database will automatically delete all the services and the registry entries if any pertains to the database which you are dropping. This approach will be a clean approach for dropping database. Since DBCA tool drop all the data files, control files, redolog files, spfile, password file and background dump trace files.

2) If you want to drop the database manually then you can use drop database command in mount state.

check this doc for more info

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