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I have two PCs
One is my main machine in use now (for a limited time) and a
new PC which I intend will become my new main machine.

Both have win XP
I was told just to copy c:/documents and settings/ from the main machine to the new machine  
to transfer necessary files and data easily.

I wondered if this advice is correct and are there any pitfalls I may encounter.

Thanks for any help
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*** Hopeleonie ***IT Manager
This method is correct. If you restore more times, previous setting will be overwritten.
I would just recommend to restore only the settings you want and not a full restore. Because i don't think you need temp files, cookies etc.
I recommend Windows 7. May I ask why XP?

Mainstream Support alredy ended for XP...
Here you can find a small tutorial : . Also you must do a bakup of your windows profile from C :\Documents and Settings\Username in case you have missed files.


Thanks for the help.

Why XP?
I have used it for some time and cant see any need to change as it seems really solid. Also some of the versions of other applications will not work with Win 7.
EG Adobe cs3.
To change to xp would cost me perhaps a grand!

Upgrading seems such an expensive game in money and time.


Many thanks for such excellent answers

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