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Increasing C drive space on Windows 2003 Server

minniejp used Ask the Experts™

I have inherited an exchange environment which has been installed on a Hyper V virtual machine.  The C drive (system drive) has 30GB on disk space and which has started to slowly run out of disk space (something I’m still trying to figure out).  I have temporarily moved the paging file to the D:  drive until I get the space issue resolved.  I have allocated an additional 20GB from the Virtual Host and I can now see this unallocated space within Computer management but I can’t allocate it to the C drive.  The OS is Windows 2003 Standard, Exchange 2003 and the disk is basic.
How can I go about expending the size of the C drive.
Many thanks!
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You're going to need to use a third party app to help you out. I would recommend an open source solution called GParted, you can perform the whole procedure using a bootable CD or just mount the ISO via Hyper V Manager.

!! Ensure you have a full system backup before proceeding !!

Website and download link: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/

YouTube video to help you out:

Best of luck!
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT Advisor
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3rd party tools are a good bet, although gparted works well most times I have had it tank on me..it's free so you can't beat the price

For more stable options I've used Paragon hard disk manager and Acronis products to do this as well and they have been more stable but have a cost associated with them.

Keep in mind that you'll need space directly behind the C drive.  If you're using a single virtual disk with C and D volume on there then you'll need to shrink D drive in the front to give space for C to grow.