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Well a lot of games have an inbuilt editor where you make your own maps. I don't know if there is any copyrights or ownership on using these.
If your developing a web based game doesn't your game software afford you the map editing tools as well?
Do you use PHP language or a spreadsheet that you load the file from within your game code. .csv
or just an image ?
 As a map is really  2D multi dimensional
I'd start with offering you
AutoREALM is an open source program designed to draw maps for role-playing games, mainly in fantasy settings.

But there is a lot to consider,
Take for example Wikie explains it like this, ( saves me writing :))
Level design for each individual level in a modern game typically starts with concept art, sketches, renderings, and physical models.
 Once completed, these concepts transform into extensive documentation, environment modelling, and the placing of game specific entities (actors), usually with the aid of a level editor.
A wide variety of tools may be used by someone designing a level. Although it is faster to design models and textures with general purpose multimedia creation tools, games usually require the data to be in a unique format suited for that game's engine.
For this, specific compilers and converters of models, textures, and audio data may be required to lay out a level.
Level Editor provides examples
refer to the Adventure Construction Set.
List of level editors provides a list of games like I spoke of earlier that have inbuild map editors

You can use a drawing tool or photo image software
tools like is free to help in some areas.

Look for tools like these
Game editor you can create your own maps plus lots of other things.
Easy Map Making Software smart draw

Hexographer is a map-making software program that allows users to create hex-style maps as well as town maps, battlemats and hex star-maps.
Programs and editors/ map generators
ok hopefully that pushes you in the right direction, depends how much experience you have time and money.
Cheers Merete
fancyfanta please stick with your question, if you don't receive the answers you need we cant progress.


Sorry for delay.

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