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Hello I have a phisical server with a folder with the PST files, the clients has a mappint network unit to this folder (net use z: \\server\folder_pst).

I have virtualize this server but the performance is decrement an the outlook is hang on.

I think that the pst folder is used for the office to create the temp files and obviously is slow.

But the question is how to do a centralizes folder to keep the pst in a server infraestructure?

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PST files are used as local mail storage and could be very large. If your users are stored mail locally, it is not very good idea to have network path to this file. You can check storage in Outlook's Account settings.
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Microsoft do NOT Support the use of .PST files on a network share of ANY sort. PST files should ONLY reside on the local PC.

Because of the file access method that is used for .PST files from outlook they are not suitable for use on a netowrk share and are very liable to corruption, liable to slow your network by a VERY LARGE factor, etc... etc.. etc...



I will  try to keep the pst file small but it will be good to configure the temp file in other place than the pst folder.

Anybody knows if i can configure the temp folder in the outlook?

If you don't want problems please follow Neilsrs advice. Do not put pst files on network share.
There is no way to configure "temp folder" in outlook. Only possibility is offline caching, but it does not work with PSTs - only with exchange mailboxes.

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