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Over the years I have made multiple backups of the same things across computers such that my backup files are across computers and external hard drives and in a complete mess.

I need a way of easily identifying duplicate files and then being able to create a clean new folder.  Is there a software that someone can recommend (preferably free) that will do the job?

Of course I can do a google search myself, so I am looking for recommended software by users and an explanation as to why they feel it is the best one (to avoid a simple copy and paste from google).

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The only program that I use and can recommend is SuperCat. It's not too expensive, but with any luck, you may get what you need to get done during the trial period.

The big advantage is that you don't have to have all(or any!) of your disks/dvds online to find duplicates.  You can sort your catalogues into groups/folders and do restricted dupe finds. If you want to create catalogues and do a quick duplicate check , don't create crc file values for the catalogues ..... just search for dupes based on file name/size/date.

It's also a really useful for finding files really really fast whether the disks are on or offline

p.s. The best program available for finding duplicate images is dpeg fron



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