Macbook Pro Ethernet not connecting

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I Purchased a Macbook pro 15"  2 days back.
I am unable to connect to internet through ethernet(Cable modem)
Was previously using Mac Mini with the same connection without any problems.
Even now it works on Mac mini but not on mac book pro.
Settings are like
Configure IPv4 = Using DHCP and everything else are default
When Using network Diagnostics  and after following instructions, rebooting modem
 i only get yellow for Network settings, Green for Ethernet and ISP  and Red for Internet and Server
Any Help will be appreciated
I am not a techie so i couldn't give technical details
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Is Mac mini also using "IP4 = Using DHCP"?
Make sure to power off cable modem for a few seconds when switching between Mac mini and MacBook Pro.


Yes Mac mini is using IPv4 = Using DHCP only
I have tried powering off and even then the same happens
Are you connected directly to the cable modem or through a router.

If you are connected directly, try unplugging the modem from the power and wait 15 minutes, then plug it back in and connect the MacBook Pro.
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run the mac book to a different location (maybe a freinds) and see if the ethernet itself  is broken, it's unusual but even macs come from the store with an occasional bad port.
Reset your LAN so it has to reconfigure the switch, and forget previous "routing" of mac addresses, etc.  Then plug in try the MacBook.

If you are connecting DIRECTLY to a cable modem, that is VERY risky. Use a router of some sort (hardware firewall) that does NAT (Network Address Translation) and packet inspection, etc., to avoid putting your computer directly on the public network.

Your cable modem needs to be reset (turned off, wait a minute, turn on) with NOTHING connected to it. Wait until you see indication of a steady connection. Then plug in your Macbook.

If this works, get a router and hook the cable modem to the WAN port, and use one of the LAN ports for your Macbook, and another for your MAC.

Or use a wireless router and run the MacBook through the wireless, and the MAC to the wired port.

It's a timing issue on the CABLE modem connection to the ISP.  You need to be provisioned again to handle a different device. It Needs to be reset. When you get it working with a router, you'll be glad you did since you'll be able to run BOTH the Mac and the MacBook through the single cable modem with one public IP address. The computers on the LAN side will have addresses in the private IP address block, like 192.168.1.x and not easily attacked by outsiders. Ask for help on setting up the router and WiFi on a WiFi router if you get one -- I use my MacBook through a NetIS wireless router N, and the speed is great -- up to 300 Mbps (bits, not bytes)

Whenever you change what is plugged into the cable modem, you have to reset the cable modem so it redoes your connection. ISPs will ask you if you have a router, frankly I don't provide this information because they get weird about wanting to charge you for every computer, but I use different computers and different times, running through the router, and I run Netflix boxes through it, and Vonage, so I don't really want to get into a long discussion with them about all the devices I am using on my already expensive ISP connection.



Have checked Ethernet connection in another location with adso router
It is working flawlesslypp
Did you reset your cable modem as suggested?
Resetting the cable modem: Unplug it and leave it unplugged for a couple of minutes so the ISP knows it's off. They tell you to plug in your computer when you turn it on - don't bother, just plug it back in and WAIT until it finishes all the handshaking (about a minute) and has an indicator that it's READY (depending on the brand, some have a steady green LED for Ready, some use the power LED, but waiting a minute will no doubt be long enough for it to finish handshaking).

Do you have a router hooked from the cable modem to the WAN port of the router?

Probably not, or you wouldn't be having these problems.



Thanks for ur suggestions
Problem solved at last
The modem reset did not work out
RESET was done from the ISP side and it connected instantly

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