Redhat : Hostname must be fully qualified error

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Hello, I am trying to setup a Cluster redhat on my Vmware Workstation for training purpose. Unfortunately I have the error bellow regarding my node fully qualified domain name.

Can you please guide me or tell me how to fix this issue?

more /etc/hosts
# Do not remove the following line, or various programs
# that require network functionality will fail.               localhost.localdomain localhost            NodeA

Open in new window

[root@NodeA ~]# more /etc/sysconfig/network

Open in new window

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in the host file you can change the name to  

and this will be your FQDN (Fully qualified domain name
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In /etc/hosts on both nodes add

Ip _nodea nodea nodea.localdomain.local
Ip_nodeb nodeb nodeb.localdomain.local

Now in the configuration, use the corresponding nodea.localdomain.local and nodeb.localdomian.local for th hostanmes.

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