Replacing Godaddy SSL certificate on SBS 2003 server

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We use a Godaddy SSL certificate for the Exchange server connection on an SBS 2003 server.

This expires tomorrow so I just purchased a new certificate from them, so I have ran the IIS Certificate Wizard in 2003, and have come to the screen where it asks whether I want to renew, remove, replace, export or copy the certificate and I would ideally like to renew to avoid any break in service but I have a sneaking suspicion it may not be that easy and will not present the CSR Godaddy need.

Last Godaddy SSL I renewed I had a problem because they had switched from 1024 to 2048-bit encryption, but that was on an SBS 2008 server, where this is for 2003.

I chose not to automatically renew with Godaddy and simply selected the SSL at the special price (which has been around as long as I can remember) before logging in. I get annoyed when other companies give new customers a better deal than loyal ones but Godaddy's 400% increase to renew really IS the daddy.

Thanks for any advice.
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To Install the Renewed Certificate Bundle
1.From the Start menu, click Run...
2.Type mmc, and then click OK. The Microsoft Management Console (Console) window opens.
3.In the Console window, click the File menu, and select Add/Remove Snap In. The Add or Remove Snap-ins window displays.
4.Select Certificates, and then click Add.
5.Select Computer Account, and then click Next.
6.Select Local Computer, then click Finish.
7.Click OK and close the Add or Remove Snap-ins window.
8.In the Console window, click Certificates folder on the left.
9.Right-click Intermediate Certification Authorities and mouse-over All Tasks, then click Import.
10.In the Certificate Import Wizard, click Next.
11.Click Browse to find the certificate file.
12.Change the file extension filter in the bottom right corner to PKCS #7 Certificates (*.spc;*.p7b), select the *_iis_intermediates.p7b file, and then click Open.
13.Click Next.
14.Choose Place all certificates in the following store.
15.Click Browse, select Intermediate Certification Authorities, and then click Next.
16.Click Finish.
17.Close the Console window.
18.From the Start menu, go to Administrative Tools and click Internet Information Services.
19.In the left panel, click the server name for the certificate you want to secure.
20.Double-click Server Certificates.
21.Right-click the certificate, and click Renew. The Renew an Existing Certificate wizard displays.
22.Select Complete certificate renewal request.
23.Click Next.
24.Click Browse to locate your renewed certificate.
25.Click Open
26.Click Complete.
Anuroopsundd's instructions look good from what I recall.

if you have any issues, just call godaddy, they have always had excellent support. and will talk you through it in just a couple minutes.


Sorry I worded my question really badly.

i've purchased a Standard SSL but haven't processed it yet. I was generating a CSR for it when I hit the stumbling point. So I need to know whether to renew, remove etc?



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