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I have a Raid Stripped drive system.  It was setup years ago under XP Pro Sp3.  It is part of a server class Windows system with removable boot drives.
I have recently built a Windows 7 drive and I am migrating all my apps to that drive.
I have had some random permission errors trying to access the drive with Windows Explorer on the Win 7 boot drive.  However, the documents I have on that drive are available from the applications which created them.  That has never been an issue.  The problem seems to be with Windows Explorer trying to access the entire Raid system which causes a Security Permission errror.

I am now on the XP SP3 drive and I would like to reset  the permission properties by adding "Everyone" .  There is presently not an issue with the Raid system using the Xp boot drive.  But, just in case, I would like your support on this issue.

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windows 7 is not like windows xp in the security context like for instance c: drive is locked down you can fix that by using ssafe mode and adding your login account to the c:\ security tab
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I don't understand?      My access to my Raid drive from Win 7 is ok for some documents.    But for others I get an access error.   Some of the files I was accessing are now not accessible.
Windows explorer cannot access the drive but in some cases MS Word is able to load files.
My XP drive is able to access  the Raid drive and so is  Xp's Explorer.    I have lost permissions I once had.  I can enable "everyone" account permission on the Raid drive from the XP drive.
Will this fix the problem or make it worse?

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