Opening a form based on looked up form name.

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Hi all, trust you are keeping well!

Using MS Access 2010. I have a table that has particular values associated to a particular tab name.

1 / MainTab
2 / BookingInTab
3 / QuotationTab

I would like to open a form that contains the tab control and then set the focus to the relevant Tab based on a value that is looked up.


The lookup returns a "1" and then i would open the form:
Docmd.Openform "FormWithTabControl"

and then

Forms!FormWithTabControl! ( insert looked up tab name here) . SetFocus

How do get the tab name in the above line?

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Assuming the numbers match the page indexes..

Forms!FormWithTabControl! tabcontrolname.Pages(lookupvalue -1). SetFocus


I can use that to make it work! Fantastic Thankyou

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