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Not understand in database concepts 2

egovernment used Ask the Experts™
Each department [b]controls[/b] a number of PROJECTs. Each project has a unique name, unique number and is located at a single location.

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The question here what meaning of controls ?
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Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

THese sound very much like homework questions.

EE Rules dont allow for doing homework for you. You shouls at least make a go of answering yourself first and then explain exactly what your not understanding.


Hi Neilsr

How is homework ?? only I read a database book and I try to understand that !!!

Where homework in controls meaning ?  please don't explain something wrong
Top Expert 2010

The word "controls" here has nothing to do with databases per se.  Rather, it is a description of what the entity "department" does.  In your database model, you would want to ensure that the schema allows you to express what that entity "does".

I also happen to agree with Neilsr: the way your question is worded makes it appear to be an academic assignment of some sort.  It's OK if it is for an academic course, or for a certification exam.  If it is, you will have to:
Make a good faith effort to answer it yourself; and
Understand that the Experts will not be able to just do the work for you, but can offer tips and hints (as I did in this comment)

The controls here is a verb indicating a relation between department and projects.
In normalisation you try to find relations and the type:
1:1 as being one to one
1:N as being one to many and
N:M as many to many
Now try to see which relation there's between department and project.
In other words (soccer)

1 ball -- many players
many players -- 1 coach
many coaches --- 1 league

many players --- many goals

A candy store
1 product --- many customers
many customers -- 1 salesman
1 register -- many customers
1 manager -- many salesmen
many salesmen -- many customers (M-M)
awking00Information Technology Specialist

These all pretty much have the same meaning -
Each department controls a number of projects ...
Each department manages a number of projects ...
Each department runs a number of projects ...
Each department has a number of projects ...
Each department administers a number of projects ...
Pick one.