Is SchoolFeed a scam?

James Hancock
James Hancock used Ask the Experts™
I have received a lot of messages recently suggesting friends of mine wanting me to join Schoolfeed.
I am no stranger to internet scams and deceit. Is this a valid company? If they are in Nigeria, forget it.
Is it like a facebook of school friends?

Anybody on there? It's Safe?
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There are a number of articles about SchoolFeed online.  Here's one I made my decision (to avoid it) from (I don't need another way to spend my time online):
To answer your last question, it looks to me like it IS a Facebook-like way to connect with folks from your high school.  If that's what you want, try it out.  It doesn't really look deceptive or scammish to me.
It looks like really annoying thing:

I hate things that automatically sends invitations/comments to my contacts without my approval.

I agree 100%.

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