How good is Flash Professional for developing iPhone apps?

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I was planning on using Xcode and Objective C to write my first iPhone app, since I did not want to risk a rejection from the App Store by not fully complying with the Human Interface Guidelines. But then I discovered a video on which says Flash Professional can write apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

- How true is this?
- Is it the same app that I would deploy for each platform, or is there customization needed for each?

My app will require no graphics, just various menus and tables, and storing data.

I heard Android supports SQL Lite as does iPhone. Would the Flash Professional database code be universal?

My biggest worry is that the iPhone app will not look like a native app.

- How native would the iPhone app look?
- Are there any compatibility or memory problems writing for the iPhone using Flash Professional?
- Are there any memory problems on the cell phones, which plague other web-to-mobile IDE's?
- Will I be able to code with Siri, once Apple releases that technology?

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I think its good after reading this article.
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