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How to copy music files from Mac to External HD so can read write in both XP and OSX

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I use a XP home PC.  I want to format an external WD 1Tb external HD so I can take it to a friend's Mac running OSX 10.6.8 and be able to copy his music folder to the external HD and then be able to take it back to my PC and copy his folder onto my computer.

I took an external HD formatted in NTFS to him last week and he could copy my music to his Mac,  but could not copy his music to the external HD.  I've come to find out Mac doesn't like NTFS.  I don't want to ask my friend to get a 3rd party application to put on his Mac to facilitate the process - I'd like to be able to just bring him a hard drive that is ready to go.

I do have a Mac in my house and I have a spare external HD that I am willing to reformat either using my PC or using the Mac's disk utility to whatever file system will work.  His music folder is probably 200 Gb if that is pertinent to the answer.

I'm pretty competent with PC tech issue, but I'm not a Mac user - I but can get around with guidance.
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You can format HDD with fat32 and then you will be read write using both windows PC and mac.


that has a limit of 4gb transfer correct?  His folder is about 200 Gb
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No, it's just the maximum file-size that is limited to 4GB when Fat32 is used. It's unlikely that there is a single music file that large.


Good point and D'oh!  Thanks.  I'll give it a try.
You probably should format your drive as exFAT.


I did that earlier today after reading about it.  I will try a FAT32 formatted and another HD formatted in exFat to see if I find any difference.