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Is there a way to download all iTunes purchases all at once?

computerlarry used Ask the Experts™
I'm trying to get all the purchases onto a new computer. I've gone to past purchases in iTunes, and I see the list of all artists that are not on my computer.
Right now I'm downloading one artist at a time.

Is there a way to download all the purchased music all at once?

This is a nice collection - there must be several hundred artists.

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Are you on a Mac or a PC.

If you went from an old Mac to a new Mac, migration assistant should have copied all your music automatically.
Yes.  If you click "All Songs" in the upper-left corner of the screen when you're in the iTunes store looking at "Purchases," there's a "Download all" button in the bottom right-hand corner.  Click that, and you're done.


Strung - I am trying to download previous purchases from the iTunes store as quickly as possible.

Akahan - There is no "All Songs" in the upper left. There is a search field.
I wrote the word "All" in the search box. That produced a lot of results, but not all the songs.

This is Mac Lion with iTunes 10.6.1
Here's what it look like on my screen (see attached screengrab).  It should look the same on yours, more or less.

To get there:

Open iTunes
Go to iTunes store under "Store"
Make sure you're signed in.
Under Quick Links on right-hand side, choose Purchased.
Top left of screen, make sure "Music" is selected.
Top right of screen, make sure "not on this computer" is selected.
Then, just under where you had selected "Music" a moment ago, choose "All Songs".
You will, I hope, see a screen that looks like the attached, with "Download all" at the bottom right.


The Download all is not showing. I am wondering if signing up for iTunes Match is a prerequisite for this.
It can't be, because I haven't signed up for it.
Are you sure you followed the directions I have above exactly?  You may have to scroll down to see it.  Does your screen otherwise look like the screen shot I posted?
I am positive that I followed the directions. It's a computer mystery, then.


I am willing to accept that this is a computer mystery.