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We're moving into a "fiber-lit" residential building. The whole apartment is Ethernet wired. However, I didn't see any sign of a termination point inside the apartment. I'm guessing the router is in the basement or something. I haven't had a chance to ask management about it, but I have the sinking feeling that we are not going to be able to secure our own router, or even worse that we will be sharing a router, and that plugging our stuff into the wired network is going to expose our computers and network traffic to roving eyes (always knowing that LEOs can see everything no matter what). We'll plug in our own firewall to seal off the LAN. But what about Internet traffic? If someone in the building has a teenage hacker in the house, is there any way to avoid having our Internet travels siphoned off? Or is there any alert software that can tell us when we're being watched? What about TOR?
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Keep in mind that you will always be sharing routers; it is just a matter of whether the first one is in your building or at some ISP.

It would be wise to start with management about the location of a termination point.  If you cannot physically control access to it, then I would have all of your connections go through your router.

Connect the WAN side of your router to one of the wall jacks and have all of your computers connect through the LAN side of your router (wired or wireless) and you will have some protection.  The risk is then that someone in your building can intercept your packets when they hit the switch.  That is always a risk, but I worry less about it when the switch is at an ISP (who has many reasons NOT to mess with your data) as opposed to inside your building.  Reasonable security in the switch and router should ensure that others can't easily get to it.


Poster basically repeated what I already knew. I suppose that means there aren't any better ideas out there. Thanks for the response.

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