Is it possible to play mercenaries 2 live (online with friends)

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I would like to play an older game called Mercenaries 2 on my xbox and be able to play it with friends however I can't seem to get to a server to let me do that. Is this game no longer supported for live or is there a work around to let me play with others?
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How are you trying to connect?
Mercs 2 on the 360 uses the standard XBLive! Ports so if you are already using XBLive! You shouldn't need to change your settings, otherwise if you are behind a router you may need to adjust as follows

You may also want to check EA's own troubleshooting guide

Once connected see if can find a server using the "quick game" option.  If that works the go for "find a friend" which should allow you to hook up with your friends' 360's


Thanks! it was my router that had the ports blocked.

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