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DFS Management

BradLMComputers used Ask the Experts™
What i am trying to accomplish is to create a redundant file share. I plan on using DFS in Windows Server 2008 Storage Edition x64. I am little lost on the exact setup , to create shares with permissions as if it were a normal file server. A little help or some walkthrough that is easy to understand. technet just says flat out how to do it, but not reall in depth. Right now i have 2 poweredge nx300 servers. nic teamed etc. what exactly do i need to do , create a nampe space, then folders, the a replication policy?
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You actually need to do 2 things... set up a dfs names space and then set up replication...
Here, this should make it easier...
Leon FesterSenior Solutions Architect

Not sure which links you found before, but this should take you through DFS in a step-by-step manner.

The basics of a DFS share is for redundancy requires that you have two servers with a shared folder(they don't even need to have the same names/locations).
These two shared folders then get add to a DFS namespace.

You then use the DFS namespace to map drives for your users.
Replication takes care of ensuring that both servers have a copy of the files stored on the other shared drive.

Get added to \\mynamespace\files

P.S. Netlogon and Sysvol shares on AD are examples of DFS shares that are shared across all Domain Controllers.