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I have 57 pictures pre-sized, post processed and ready to insert into an existing powerpoint show. The page size is 1600 x 1000 pixels. The images are size to fit this ratio. I have the master set up at that size ready to receive the pictures. If I select "new slide>insert picture album then select the pictures and click create, then powerpoint ignores the new slide I selected and inserts all of the pictures into a new "photo album" sized at the default size. Try as I can, I cannot get the insert album function to respect the size I have selected. The show is 100% pictures.

Can anyone help?

Windows Ultimate, 64 bit, Powerpoint 2010
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Despite the placement of the command on the Insert ribbon, it seems that Powerpoint does not INSERT the photo album into the existing presentation, but rather starts a new presentation with the default 4:3 aspect ratio.

You can then edit the master page and change the aspect ratio to 16:10, but all images will be skewed. You will need to reset them and position them again.

It might be faster to just create a custom sized show and insert the images manually.

cheers, teylyn


The responder nailed the issue.

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