converting an index.html to an executable

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Dear all,
If I distribute some presentation in html and wanted to send it to a customer as an executable that opens a internet browser with my starting page, do you know some add-on or software that might do this, I mean, given some index.html and a browser to initiate the execution of this page how can I create a executable that opens the index.html page with the give browser. Everything will be transparent to the customer.
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Double click the html file.
Problem solved.


Hmmm. Really... Guess that's what I was asking, don't you think wyse instinct?
hang on, i think i actually understand the question now...

your html presentation is made up of several files... you want to email it to your client but only want them to see ONE. when they launch this one file the presentation should start in the user's default web browser.

is that what you are trying to achieve?


Correct, basicinstinct.
well normally people put their html files on a webserver... i suppose you probably have a reason why you (think you) can't do that...

if you are really married to the idea of creating an executable and emailing it around then there are two main things that spring to mind:

1. Try creating a self extracting ZIP file. This creates a .exe which extracts itself and then can optionally run one of the files it extracted.
Cons: platform dependent - only windows Lusers will be able to (easily) open your self extractor.

It's been YEARS since I created a self extracting zip, pretty sure I used to use winzip.
Take a look at this screenshot:

See the field "run this program after opening"... Well you could probably point that to your index.html and it will hopefully launch it in the default browser. Failing that you could write a small batch file or WSH script to launch it.

2. Platform independent: create a very small java executable (JAR file) which contains your website and which launches your html file when the JAR file is executed.
Cons: requires some programming skills.

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