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Terminal Server -no access

Lamrski used Ask the Experts™
I added another  terminal server to the network  and in so doing the other(preexisting  server was  deactivated.  After this my preexisting server is now not accessible at all.  The preexisting server is also a file server.   Question--I don't need terminal service for file sharing do I?  Also I can't get into the server at all...With Administrator right or not..Please help me figure this out..  What I did was activate the new server and set up settings through the firewall for the new server.  With terminal serice, can you only have one server act as a terminal server?

Thank you for your help.
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Your questions are all over the place. How did you add the new TS to the network? Did you image the old one? What exactly was deactivated, the licensing service? Your TS does not need to be a file server, but depending on the number of users, I've set a TS to be a file server as well, but it doesn't have to be. Why you can't login to new server sounds like a backup/restore problem. Have you tried logging in as local admin and not domain admin? You set up settings through the firewall for the new server? I don't even know what this means. You can have multiple terminal servers, but one licensing server is the rule of thumb.
What i feel is that you dis-allowed terminal session from any soure via the firewall and so you are not able to connect to it remotely.

If this assumption is correct, allow terminal session from your system only. You can have more than one TS in your network. Users should know which one to connect to. You dont need TS for file sharing service. You can have your old TS to act like a File server. Make sure that port 445 is allowed via your firewalls.


Thank you for your answers..it turns out that the old server froze up (this happens more and more frequently and that's why we need to miigrate asap) and would not allow any outside connections.  After a reboot of old server,  both terminal servers are up and running.  I was at home trying to access and thought the reason for the failure was due to adding an additional terminal server- apparently I was wrong.

However, the old server does house the TS licensing Server.  Do you know what the proper steps would be to move the licensing server to the other machine...without causing downtime?  Thank you for your input and thank you for the port number information regarding our file server.

Sorry for being all over the place with questions...
Thanks again!