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Mounting Network Rack

tru504187211 used Ask the Experts™
I'm trying to mount a 25U network rack on the wall.

I did mount the plywood to the wall, but I don't know how I should get the rack to the plywood...does the rack need to be mounted through the studs?  What type of screw would be best?

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The best idea is to use lag bolts and mount it to the studs (If they are spaced in a way that it all lines up) if the studs are to far apart then I would suggest mounting a 2x4 perpendicular to the existing studs.  Mount that 2x4 into the studs with lag bolts (pre drill the holes just a bit smaller than the bolts) and then mount the rack to those external 2x4's.

I'm not sure what rack style you have but keep in mind whether or not you need to get behind the equipment in the future.
"on" the wall?
What type of rack is it?  A 4 poster, or a 2 post relay rack?

Did you lag the plywood to the studs?
How thick is the plywood?
What kind of construction is the wall?


The plywood is 3/4" thick and yes, I did mount the plywood to the studs using regular wood screws.  The wall itself is drywall.