Slow Interent over 512/512 link using RDP on Server 2008 R2

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We have deployed 2 terminal servers on 2008 R2 64 bit for about 30 users. We have 3 sites, one main site where the servers are and 2 satellite sites. One satellite site is fine as we have a 20mbs duplex private link , but the other is across the other side of the country and only has a 512\512 link.

With this site we have also put in 3G to take the printing and are only using the ADSL for the RDP. This site has a max of 5 concurrent users who are not high input users. We are sort of happy with the performance of things such as Outlook and Excel, but interent explorer is where we are having problems. We have tested using IE from one Wyse thin client on a RDP seesion and found that it uses between 1-2 mb per sec downloaded, which over a 512/512 link does not work.  

Is there anyway I can reduce the bandwidth usage when viewing IE through the TS?
We are looking at increasing bandwidth but this will take Telstra 3 months as they need to upgrade the exchange. Also we have been told Citrix will help, but I am not sure about this and from my previous experience with Citrix am not a big fan.

Any suggestions or ideas I can try would be great.

Thanks Mark
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This is probably something you've already done but I'll throw it out there none the less.  Have you dropped all the graphics and other "fancy" features such as background from the connecting machines?

I've used rdp to connect from a 1.5x512 and IE wasn't that great there either so I honestly think that 90% of your issue is just the speed.

If you don't need it you could try disabling images in IE to speed it up and only load the images on pages that you must have it.
1-2mb/sec sounds like an enormous amount. Does the same problem occur with other browsers eg Firefox, safari, chrome?


Thanks for your reply atechnicnate.

Yes we have dropped the fancy features out adn still no good. I do agree the line speed is the major issue, here espically when it is not a constant 512/512 link, it is best effort only.

The only think I haven't tried dropping is flash which might be a good idea to try.
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That and I bet disabling the auto load pictures would help but it might make certain pages odd....

 click Internet Explorer.
Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
Click the Advanced tab.
Scroll to the Multimedia section, and then deselect the Show Pictures check box.
Click OK.

Either way I'd be curious to know if that works or not..



I have disable the Show Pictures and still not better.

Also tried Firefox and no change either.

I am assuming we might have to go sown the Citrix road and increase bandwidth as well.
As per my experience, Citrix perform greatly on slow wan links those are suffer with high-latency. Though you have high or enough bandwidth, those satellite links are suffering with high-latency.
Imagine, the satellite is located at medium earth orbit (35000Km from the earth) packet round trip distance is approximately 140000 Km with acknowledge. As per simple calculation we take
speed of light is  = 300000000 ms-1
Total distance = 140000000m
roundtrip time = 140000000m/300000000ms-1 = 0.466 seconds

This means though you have enough pipe, users still feel half a second latency (its a delay for user) on his every request with RDP speacially on graphics, mouse movement and key strokes. This is not a real slowness but users feel so and they complain to admin.

Citrix has feature called local echo and speed screen latency reduction technologies that will greatly help to avoid issues.

Apart from that, Citrix ica consumes 1/5 times less bandwidth with compared to RDP 6.0.

for more info
satellite latency
Citrix Speed screen latency reduction
Citrix ica vs Microsoft RDP comparison

Those document are bit old but still valid.



Thanks Gayan for the information, I will have a look at it and let you now in a couple of days ifg I think we will go with Citrix, plus increasing the bandwidth.

Cheers Mark

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