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 What would you guys recommend for Anti-Virus.   I need something that I can deploy from a central server and get the updates from the same server or online if the server is down.  

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Symantec and Bitdefender.

McAfee in my opinion seems a little aggressive in some instances.
I'd second the Symantec just be sure you do the AV only and not the whole security suite.
Symantec is a resource hog and takes up a slew of space.  Use GFI Vipre, it is excellent software that can be deployed exactly as you requested.  The central console is very good although not as good as the equally excellent ESET products ( try eset's smart security 5 or their NOD32 if you have an external firewall).

I saved loads of space on my server by switching from symantec to vipre.
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I've had good experiences with Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security. Hosted on a central server, it takes care of updates when clients are connected, adding new clients is as easy an running a shared .exe file from the server.
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My choice is Trend Micro they have a two week trial I highly recommend you try.

Easy to install / configure, can push client to workstations from server and you can hide it on the workstation. To the end user it's seamless where Symantec will constantly give false positives and bug the end user who eventually ends up calling you.
I would go with McAfee. Its got a central server from where you can push the agents to the clients, uninstall agents remotely and also push updates to the clients.
I completed the Mcafee EPO 4.0 certification a few years ago and would recommend Mcafee if you don't already have something centrally managed. We've upgraded through all the newer versions and it has continued to get better and easier to manage as time has passed but it does have a lot of options and (at least for me) was overwhelming at first.

I would highly recommend taking the training if you choose Mcafee as I found the instructor provided some useful and undocumented guidance in deploying in production that I probably wouldn't have learnt otherwise other than experience.

Once you understand it, the product is easy to use and the flexibility is excellent and makes AV admin life very easy.

Most of antiviruses have centralized management. Popularity depends on regions. I prefer eset nod32. You can compare editions here -
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It would help if you gave more information on your Domain Architecture.

For medium to large domains (2,000+), my weapon of choice was always McAfee ePO (mentioned above). The reporting and management functions were unbeatable.

For updates, the "pull" function of the ePO agent residing on the local host is far superior to the "push" (from the server) method used by other programs. We always ran at 99+% current for definition files - with any system not updated clearly identified. Updating missed systems was as simple as a mouse click.

I had world-wide Site Licenses for anything I wanted and always replaced the existing programs with ePO.

You should also evaluate MS Endpoint (

Both products have free download trials which you should always do before deciding.

You should also plug in all the numbers to find your actual operating cost for each product.

I would suggest you to take Avast antivirus protection against malwares.

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