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Configuring "Protected Mode" in MS Excel

csialbany used Ask the Experts™
We support a client who utilizes several workbooks created in MS Excel 2007. Multiple users access the same workbooks during the course of a day. The procedure had been, until very recently, that if a user needed to open the document, the would locate it on a shared network drive and open the file that way. If another user already had the file opened for editing, the new user would receive a message stating that the file was in use and they would have to wait. This worked fine for the client.
  The problem began when we moved all of the company files to cloud storage. As soon as we switched the mapped network drive from a share on a file server to a share on a cloud drive, the users stopped seeing the message that the file was locked and excel began allowing all of the users to modify these documents simultaneously, saving conflicting changes in multiple copies of the workbook. (This in itself is a mess, but NOT the actual question.)
How do I enable the "Protected Mode" message and behavior again?
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Jan Karel PieterseExcel and VBA Expert

I guess that depends on which "Cloud storage" solution was selected. Sharepoint has file check-in and check-out options. Others may or may not have similar functionality.


The cloud storage is a Rackspace cloud drive.
Excel and VBA Expert
As you've discovered, cloud drive isn't the same as a network share, because Windows no longer manages the file in use property of the file you open, but the cloud storage facility does that. and it works different from Windows.
Naga Bhanu Kiran KotaCloud Architecture Manager

If you want to leverage the same kind of functionality as available on local drives its advisable to have rackspace sharepoint offering instead of cloud drive.

Please the link which gives feature comparison and also cost information which does not seem to be very significant


Jan Karel PieterseExcel and VBA Expert

Bhanu: I was going to suggest the exact same thing! :-)


Thanks for cutting to the chase.
We set up a SharePoint site yesterday. It took about 30 minutes to configure and all is working as expected.