Trying to extract pics from Samsung SCH-U550

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I have some photos on my old Samsung SCH-U550 phone that I want to copy off of my phone. I've downloaded and installed the drivers successfully, and when I plug the phone into my computer a balloon pops up recognizing the device.

However, when I go to My Computer to look for the folder the device doesn't show up.

Where do I need to be looking?
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I don't know about that phone specifically, but with some other phones you have to change a setting on the phone to allow the data to be visible through USB (and not to the phone).  I'd suggest looking through the menus on the phone to see what you can find.
No luck. I went through the menus but there were no options in the phones menu. What else can we do?
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Sorry, been busy the last few days. I changed the port setting as the link stated but still with the same result.
You may not be able to copy it directly.  Samsung's site for that phone describes only two methods: sending them to an online site or copying them through the SD card. See this for details:

There is a chance that their software will allow it, but that is not clear.  You can get it from:

I would try their software in any case to see what else it may do.  If it doesn't allow you to grab the photos, I'd suggest the SD card approach.
Nothing else seems to be working so I just ordered the SD card. I'll be back in a few days once it arrives with my update.
Still no luck. I was able to get the pics transferred to the SD card. but when I put the card with its adapter into my computer the pics aren't getting recognized. The camera is fine, as I am able to see pictures on another card that I use.

I've tried a few different apps and none of them are reading the pics. Can't see them in the basic folder view, either.

I know that the files are on the card, as in the Canon Utilities app I can see that there are 10.2 Mb on the card, of which 1.86 Mb is being used.

What next?
What folders are you seeing on the SD card?
Try right-clicking on the SD card, then on Properties.  What does it say the capacity is and how much is in use?
On most (all?) cameras, the pictures are located in a folder named DCIM.
That's just it. No folders even show up when I open this drive. Properties don't give the normal "disc properties" view - just properties for the camera that I have hooked up.
"I know that the files are on the card"
With that app, what can you learn about the files?
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Does the card get assigned a disk letter?  If so, try a program called GetDataBack ( or Recuva ( and see if the files are detected.
No disk letter - the card doesn't have its own USB port and just gets recognized via the camera I have hooked up to my computer
@CompProbSolv: The app I used to look for the pics was the software that came with the camera. It showed total and available disk space on the camera. Going back, the phone said that the pics transferred from the phone to the card.
I'm not clear on "the card doesn't have its own USB port...."

How is the card physically attached to your computer when you are trying to read it?  Is it installed in the camera with a cable from the camera to the USB port on the computer or are you removing the card from the camera and putting it in a card reader?
The card is inserted into a camera and uses a USB cable to connect to the computer.
Any thoughts, anyone?
I don't know how that camera works, but on many devices you have to change the mode of the SD card to make it accessible to the computer through the USB port rather than accessible to the camera.  It is not clear to me if this camera supports what you are trying to do at all.

I would suggest getting a USB card reader ($5-20) and try to read the SD card directly with it.  The link I sent above:
describes the process fairly clearly.
Just ordered the adapter - will update when it arrives. Thanks!
Finally worked - thanks!

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