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I am using the following code to try and export a pdf from SQL reports and attach to an e-mail:

                    Dim remoteUrl As String = cAttachment
                    Dim myWebClient As New WebClient()
                    'myWebClient.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials

                    'myWebClient.Headers.Add(HttpRequestHeader.UserAgent, "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)")
                    myWebClient.Headers.Add("user-agent", "Only a test!")

                    Dim myDatabuffer As Byte() = myWebClient.DownloadData(remoteUrl)

                    Dim ms As New MemoryStream(myDatabuffer)

                    message.Attachments.Add(New Attachment(ms, cAttachmentName))

When I use a physical file it is fine but when I point to
Dim mailReport As String = "http://localhost/ReportServer_SQLEXPRESS/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?%2fprecep_signature_req&Preceptorid=2758&rotation_id=17074&user_id=66&rs:Format=PDF"

I get a 403 security error form the server.  I can type the url in manually and it works fine and I get the pdf save file dialogue option.
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Try using My.Computer.Network.DownloadFile method to download the file first and then attach to email.


I am not sure what this means
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It means

My.Computer.Network.DownloadFile("http://localhost/ReportServer_SQLEXPRESS/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?%2fprecep_signature_req&Preceptorid=2758&rotation_id=17074&user_id=66&rs:Format=PDF", "C:\MyFile.PDF")

message.Attachments.Add(New Attachment("C:\MyFile.PDF"))
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