Skinny 2" ink pen needed

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I'm looking for a super skinny ink pen with a maximum length 2 inches to 2.5 inches.  Assistance is greatly appreciated.
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Shortest commercial products are at least an inch longer that that, of which the best is...

You can get stubbier pens but they have much broader tips

Or you could always make your own (but use partly emptied ink tubes otherwise it gets very messy!)
what abou chart recorder pens?  - see for an example.


Thanks guys.

1st link Sharpie - too big in diameter, slightly too long.
2nd link Bic - hmm, messy indeed but might be an option if I can't find any.
3rd link Chart Pen - I don't have a clear understanding of what that is based on the link.

I'm looking for something I can fit in spiral in on the short side of a 3x5 spiral pocket notebook.
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RIGHT - so chart pens would be no real use - trouble is, you hadnt really specified what they were for - just "short skinny ink pen".

Traditional use on these 3x5 spirals is a PENCIL(!) - its what reporters used before they exchanged dictaphones for ethics (think superman era).

FYI - my original comment re chart pens -  think "lie detector" and visualise those TINY, TINY arms scribbling across the rolls of chart paper.

Incidentally, and not that it helps, but in the UK the bookmakers and catalogue shops have really TINY pens around 2.5" long in all their shops, to fill in the betting/shopping slips - I suppose a transatlantic flight is out of the question?


Be great to have it double as a voice recorder but short enough for the pad is the concern.
Draw some buttons on the cover and you could use it as a tricorder
I think this might be what you're looking for:

Description on the page:

The TEENIE WEENIE PEN is a compact and lightweight pen that expands from a miniscule 2.5 inches long to a full 4.25 inches.  It is small enough to fit in journals, cell phone cases, wallets and even into the spiral rings in spiral bound notebooks.  Carry this unique pen anywhere you go.  Available in Red, Chrome or Black with chrome caps.

Listed as 2.5"  here.  Listed as 2" here.

Or, this telescopic pen says 50mm closed.  110mm extended.

These are novelty pens, so are a bit pricey compared to bulk pens.
Bic not too messy.
I wanted a shorty pen once.
Get the Bic crystal. I just bought a box of 12 red ink ones for $1.44 at Walmart.
Remove the plastic cap at the end. Use a sharp edge to remove the point and the long portion that contains the ink.
Cut it off the size you want.
Use a hacksaw blade to cut the crystal outer portion the length long enough to hold the ink portion you just cut off.
Before pushing the ink part back into the crystal you just cut, smooth the end so you can replace the small plastic cap when you are done.
See my photo, 3 inches and I could have made it any size.
I've always liked the smoothness of the medium point Btics. The fact that they cost 15 cents each is a bonus.
I've always liked the smoothness of the medium point Bics.
The fact that they cost 15 cents each is a bonus.


Nick, Thank you.
On first glance, I love your solution. However, on further examination, I notice that the pen in it's current state will leak without a cap, and the caps on those would make it stick out to the side of the 3x5 notebook.  I keep my 3x5 notebook in my back pocket.
Mine is right at 3 inches with the cap on. I could have made it even shorter.
I'm not experiencing any leak with the cap off.

By cap, I meant the tiny blue plug at the top. That is leak proof.
I've used these pens for years.

You must be referring to the cap that lets you clip the pen in your shirt pocket.
In my new photo, the entire thing moved a little off center but it is 3 inches long with the plug on the top to prevent any leakage, and the cap to keep the point from touching clothing.

I have my existing empty pen and it was such a smooth writing pen that I wanted to keep the same tip even though it was out of ink.
Since the tip is empty and I'm pressing a new ink barrel into the tip, there is air that must be released to get the ink to flow from the new ink barrel to the tip.
If I just scribble on a piece of paper or cardboard, for a few minutes, finally the ink comes out of the tip. What let the ink flow out the tip?
The "air" that is released when the smaller roller on the tip moved around as I scribbled on the paper, over and over. As the roller turned, air was released and the ink flowed down the barrel until it reach the tip.
If the end of the clear exterior part if cut smooth the plastic plug (shown at the bottom in my new photo) at the end will not leak. There is a vacuum between the ink and the point of the pen. That makes the ink flow toward the point and not the other direction or no ink pen would work at all.
3 inches end to end


Thank you for all your help and the pictures. The Bic solution still won't work because it will stick out the side of any spiral because of the design of the cap. That is the only problem with your solution.  However, I like it a lot for other reasons!!  So far, here is a recap of what has been found thus far along with comments by the most feasible solutions.

* Piccolo Pen - Excellent length and clip/cap design. Might be too big in diameter and the color is not ideal in a professional setting.

* Telescope Pen - No need for a telescope really but this is the right size. It has no way to attach it to the spiral which might make it cumbersome.

* Bic Pen - Really nice solution. I wonder if I could do that with this pen.

* The Mini-Wallet Pen looks like the best possibility thus far.
hello, no you very likely could not do the same as the Bic, with this pen:

Because, there is a spring mechanism inside that forces the point out the end of the part that you hold in your hand to write. That mechanism by itself is too long. In many cases, my efforts to just move an ink stem from one pen to another did not work. The ink stem was metal (brass I guess they are) and not plastic and could not be cut, or they were not the same length, or the plastic parts inside and the spring were not compatible.
When trying to cut them and make them work with the spring mechanism inside, I failed about half the time, due to the design of the two pens.

The Bic pen in my photo is 1/2 inch at it's widest point with the cap on.
Also the one on Ebay from your link, is a roller point and the way the ink is stored, in most likely not the same at all. The Bic ink is stored in a plastic stem that is 1/8 inch outside diameter.
Thank you, hope it works out well!

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