Dead Dell Studio 1537 Laptop

Alan Silverman
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Customer's son dropped it on the floor.  Not much else to say.  Can't get a peep out of it.
In my experience laptops that are dropped don't die like this.  They'll at least light up and give off some funny sounds. Is there any kind of shutoff that would do this?  Or do I just tell he customer to get another laptop?
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I hope the customer had insurance or warranty. Brace him/her for the bad news.
Most likely a broken motherboard, and if it hard enough to damage it then the hdd probably also bad. The cost to repair this would be around the cost of a current comparable laptop, my advice to the customer would be to buy a new system.
Yes, sounds like it took out the motherboard. If it was only the hard drive, the screen would still light up and the on/HDD/battery LEDs would at least flash when you press the power button.

You could always disassemble it and look for loose connections, though.
That's the service manual. Unzip it to its own subdir and run the index.htm file (open it in a browser).
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>>  In my experience laptops that are dropped don't die like this.  <<  there is no way to tell - anything can be broken, and cause different results
maybe the battery connection just came loose, but your HDD may have smashed into the board as well...

here my laptop troubleshooting guide, i hope it helps you :
- remove all external devices
- if no display - test with an external monitor
- test if it runs from battery alone, or from AC alone
- test also with a known good battery !
***some laptops have a reset button - if you have one use it!
- remove battery and AC adaptor, hold power button for 20 sec, connect AC and reboot --> any display ? if NO -->
- disconnect all disk and cd drives, battery , and other cards and peripherals, leave only 1 ram stick
- boot -->any display ?
- if NO remove all ram and reboot --> if NO beeps, mobo or cpu bad ; if it beeps, replace ram stick
-if you can access the bios battery, remove the battery, AC, and bios battery for a minute to reset the bios
or test it, it should read 3 V
*** you can test the disk on another pc, if you like !

you can also remove and reseat the video plug - it sometimes comes loose


You answered my question.
Thanks to all,

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