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securing Excel files with ADRMS

ITMaster1979 used Ask the Experts™
Hi All,

  I have SQL 2008 Database, I will be using ms excel 2007 or 2010 to access the sql analysis services using excel  Data tab, I want to use RMS to keep some security in theses files ex, prevent printing, etc, what is the best way to publish the excel file and keeping the security that I need.

my target: user will access sql database using excel but no printing, etc.

please advise
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SQL Expert/Infrastructure Architect
ADRMS can protect the files, sortof.
It will help users remember the security set for specific files, prohibit mail and print and soforth.
But if a user wants to get information he can still take a picture with his/hers smartphone


I know but I want a way to restrict them from printing .
Marten RuneSQL Expert/Infrastructure Architect

RMS should do it to my knowledge. Note that it's not included in standard CALS. You need additional licensing.



I do have the license, i need to know what is the best solution to protect the excel connectivity to sql  server
Marten RuneSQL Expert/Infrastructure Architect

Many different users, a share with rights for a AD group
Just for yourself, EFS encrypted folder

To prevent many users from printing it:
ADRMS, it wont stop users from using a cellphone camera, but still, they will be aware that they are breaking the rules.

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