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Very New to Deploy Studio, Runtime versions

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We have started adding Macs to our school and have a Mac server in play.  When we came in this morning and attempted to re-image a Mac system via the netboot process we were greeted with the message of "In compatible server - This DeployStudio Server Runtime version (1.0rc130) differs... 1.0rc131b
I presume that something updated over the weekend as this worked fine on Friday.
Our Mac expert is out of the office and I am looking to where to go on the server to up date the needed components so we can press on.  Tried searching on line but to no avail.
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here is a link to 1.0rc130
I have run into this problems in the past and it seems the runtime version on the server and the version that was used for making the nbi need to be the same.
My solution was to roll back to the previous runtime but you could also create a new boot image (nbi) using the rc131b. This would be safest. I do not remember if installing the older version keeps all of the settings and workflows etc. And, I do not remember if you need to uninstall rc131 first. Use this advice at your own risk.