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40" LED TV buying advice

rookie_b used Ask the Experts™
Hi guys,

I am looking to buy a 40" TV and my budget is about £800. I am looking into Samsung's 6 series but not necessarily. Here is what I am looking for in a TV:

Good 2D performance - good sports/action refresh rates a must, good SD with up-scaling a bonus

Not really bothered about 3D - just makes my head dizzy

Not sure how big a trade off is quality if I go for a non-reflective  - my living room is quite bright during the day

Any suggestions?

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There are some very good 42-inch HDTVs in your price range - I would recommend Samsung, LG, and Sony Bravia models.  A list here includes reviews, as well as plasma models: http://reviews.cnet.com/best-33-42-inch-hdtvs/?tag=leftnav  120Hz sets will handle sports viewing to your liking.


Thanks, some good options, but not what i was looking for.
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Can you be explicit about what you are looking for?