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I'm storing html in a database field. Users can edit the html, and see a the first part of the document in a preview box.

If users use a large font size (60 & above) if distoys the preview. How would I remove the users font size, and replace it with a default on, for the purpose of preview.

I cant use Replace in the SQL, as I'd need one for every font size. What I want to do is replace any font-size tag with font-size = "12px".

Could I use a regular expression for this? I do have access to the item databound event in the aspx page.

If so what would the expression lok like?


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You could use a regular expression, the following regular-expression assumes the size is declared using a properly formed CSS tag:

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My bad that expression is incorrect, try this insted:

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You can try adding following css in html when previewing

body * {
   font-size: 12px


This worked great. Thanks

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