CCTV - For what it been used ?

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Can you share your experience - when and where have you use the aid of cctv (hidden cameras) ?

I would like to know , how it can be useful?
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cctv isn't always "hidden"

i use cctv cameras at my house as a security system. the system detects movement in the images captured by the cameras and then send me an email (with photo/video clip) attached to warn me

i can also view my cameras over the internet on my android phone any time i want - nice when i am away for a couple of weeks just to check up on things.

i use this system (running on xubuntu):
Dhanesh KansariSenior IT Manager
Top Ten Use for SPY Camera.

Closed-circuit television

I hope above mention link will be very helpful for you.

Best of Luck
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Spy Camera CCTV can be used for War operation, Corporate security etc which has  hidden, pinhole, wired and wireless spycams to full surveillance that include DVR's, PVR's, mini LCD screens.

Please go through this for the types of cameras available
EirmanChief Operations Manager
One of the best way to stop internal theft is to have a hidden camera over the till area of a shop. The till is connected into the cctv  system. Whatever is keyed into the till comes up on the cctv monitor. The value of notes passed back and forth should be easy to determine by their colour.
Do a web search for "cash register linked to cctv" and you will get results like the following .....

Another cctv tip. Thieves will very frequently "case" (survey) a premises/house before carrying out the crime. Put up a warning at the exit of a premises warning that "your image has already been captured and stored". If they see that they are much less likely to come back and commit a crime. These warning signs should not be visible until the would-be intruder has entered the grounds of the property and has already exposed their face to the cctv.

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