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1  - If there are 2 routes to the same network in the routing table what determines which one will be used?

2 - At the network level, describe in detail what happens when you click on a link in your web browser and it opens up a new web page. (In terms of protocols involved, sequence of events and data transferred).
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The metric of the route determine this. lower the number of the metric is the route taken.
when you click a Link..
Query is send for resolving the the DNS name.
First machine checks if it has details locally else send request to the DNS server.
one the machine have the IP address of the request. it sends the request with the information of port.
like by default---  is on port 80 and is at port 443
or you can specify the port as
so the request is send to the server with the required information
ones request reaches the request it check availablity of the resource and response back to the client..

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