SSRS 2005:Disable a report input parameter conditionally

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I am using SSRS 2005 to build a stored proc based report. I have two parameters as my report input.One of them is a radio button with True or false options which passes 0 or 1 to the underlying stored proc.
The other parameter is a text box. The requirement is that I want to disable the textbox when I select "True" option on the radiobutton.When i select "False" on the radiobutton, the text box should not be disabled.How do i achieve it?
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Haven't tried it with the parameter but can you try if there is any visibility property with paramter. If yes, then in its expression, define your requirement.


There is no visibility property for the parameter.
Below properties are available

Allow null value
Allow blank value
Available values
Default values

Under Available values two options are present 1.Non-queried 2.From query
Under Default values three options are present 1.Non-queried 2.From query 3.Null
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It is not possible to disable/hide a parameter conditionally.
Is it possible for you to change your open textbox into a drop down list that displays predefined values? If so, we can make values of your second parameter dependent on first parameter (true/false) and show only one value if first parameter is TRUE (and also default to this value, which cannot be changed).


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