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Hi Experts,

I have a very weird situation.

I have been using a Netgear SRX5308 Quad WAN router to make a VPN connection to my Linksys / Cisco RV042 router.

This has been working a treat for the last 12 months or so, using default configurations.

Now, my office has introduced a new 10/10Mbit Copper Ethernet connection.

I would like to reconfigure the VPN connection from using ADSL connections to using the 10/10Mbit EFM on one side of the network and my standard ADSL connection from my home.

What im trying to do is have the ability to recieve files from my office faster than being on a standard ADSL service.

When I try and change the settings in the router, for some reason the VPN's connect on each end but i cannot ping the routers from either end of the network.

Is there a trick, to using an EFM (Copper Ethernet) connection on one end and the other and ADSL service.

The ADSL services was previously working with another ADSL service at the other end.

Please help it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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The devil is in the details.  There's no reason why one type of link should behave any differently than any other.  If the subnets changed then that's where I'd start looking.
That is, if the VPNs are set up for a pair of subnets and one of the LAN subnets changed but the VPN settings didn't ... well



This is a new connection. I've deleted the old connections and started again.

I'm just lost to why I can connect at both ends but I can't ping any devices on the network.

Is there routing to the remote subnet in the default gateway at each end?
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Previously when I setup the VPN over two ADSL connections I didnt need to do any additional routing. All I did was setup the connection at both ends and it worked fine.

My equipment hasnt changed. All I've done is introduce another Internet service.

Well if the VPN is set up inside the default gateway box then it shouldn't be an issue.  But, it's important to ask.

Ummm. you say the equipment hasn't changed.  Yet, there is an entirely different interface being used.  Why might one doubt that there are no equipment changes then?  Sorry but had to ask.

How about revealing the current topology and we go from there?


Hi fmarshall,

Its hard to layout here as its a quad wan router also.

I have even turned off all the ADSL services and just left the ethernet over copper service running and put the router in single wan mode again.

Again both gateways connect site-to-site but i cant ping.

I dont know what im doing wrong.


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