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Ping failes after 10 mins activity.

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Hi all,

We have a problem pinging a server on our network.
For some reason when we try to ping from a particular server to another server on the same subnet, the first ping comes back ok, but then the other reply’s fail.
Try the ping again and it works ok. Its seems to only happen (fail) if the target server we’re trying to ping has been quite for a period of 10 minutes or so.

We’ve tried pinging the target server from other servers/machines and it works ok all the time, even after 10 minutes.

Has anyone seen this before or know what it is ??

Both servers are 2008 R2.

Thanks in advance,
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Sounds like you have a reactive firewall. Do you have ICMPv4 Echo Requests configured on both servers for inbound and outbound?
Have you checked the properties of the NIC to insure that it is not set to sleep after x minutes?  Have you checked the power settings in control panel for such settings?

Try a different port in the switch, or if a managed layer 2 or 3 switch, verify there is no setting there causing this.


thanks for the reponses.

Theres no firewall involved here and I've checked the NIC settings and theres nothing to suggest they sleep after so many minutes.
Not able to check the switch as thats our networking guys job, but they've assured us theres nothing wrong there as it doesnt happen to any other server/machines on the network.

So very puzzled !


Ok, here’s an update of exactly what’s going on:

We’ve bought 2 new servers, both the same with static IP’s .16 and .17.

The problem is pinging from one server to the other and vice-versa.

After a short period of time, sometimes 2 minutes, sometimes upto 10 minutes of no ping tests, if we try and ping from one server to the other it fails.
So pinging server ‘A’ fails to ping server ‘B’ until we trying it in reverse … server ‘B’ pings server ‘A’, then it all works fine, both servers ping each other, until a certain set of time again.

Just to add more confusion, we can ping the 2 servers from any other machine at any time and get full responses, even when they have problems pinging each other !
What other symptoms?  There is this old joke.... it starts "it hurts when I do this" and finishes with "don't do that".


lol, there isnt alot on the 2 servers at the moment so nothing else to add in terms of symptoms.
This probably a stateful firewall. The term Stateful, means that it will block ports UNLESS, that computer that holds the firewall initiates the conversation. Then, a session can be made.

Since you ping A from B, and then you can ping B from A, it means that B had to initiate a conversation BEFORE it will except ICMP echo FROM A.

ON A SERVER, make sure you look up how to configure a firewall to accomodate domain server services, and with that include ping. Here's an overview of domain service ports: