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High Balloon Memory Utilization on Ubuntu Linux using Tomcat

msidnam used Ask the Experts™
We have two servers using Tomcat on Ubuntu. Both servers report high balloon memory utilization. This is one of our developers servers and I'm not all that familiar with Tomcat other than I think it uses Java. He has a program called monit on that server that can pretty much monitor anything (filesystems, services, memory, cpu, etc). We often get an alert from the monit program syaing the memory has reached the alert threshold.

We have Veeam Monitor and when i check that server it lists an alarm for high balloon memory utilization.

I've been reseaching and i cant seem to find a good way to troubleshoot or keep this from happening. Our developer seems to think that the memory is fine but we get the error because vmware is ballooning the memory. Only this server is having this issue. We have around 64 virtual machines running on a cluster of 4 esxi hosts. each host is an AMD 1.9ghz dual 12 core proc with 128GB of RAM.

Some posts on other sights say to ignore it and that its normal. However, because we get alerts often its hard to.
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It is correct to ignore ballooning, VMware Tools uses the Balloon Driver to inflate a "ballon in the VM" to reclaim memory.

It's normal.


When its ballooning  its taking away memory from that VM?
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By default the balloon driver is used to reclaim idle memory.