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I have a table inside a SSRS report. I have a problem writing the correct expression regarding the visibility condition.

I would like to set a condition that:

IF the column in the dataset contains more than one rows that has "DK1" in fiel valued I would like to show the table.

=iif(Countrows(Fields!DK1_DK2.Value = "DK1") > 1, TRUE, FALSE)

But with the above expression I get the error: The expression has a scope parameter that is not valid for an aggregate function.

Can you help out here?
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SThayaTechnical MAnager

i think you  have applied the expression inside the text box properties .

do the below

1. take the count from the different data set .name called "CountDataset"

2. select the entire table----> properties ....>  select Hidden  ---> set the expression


=iif(Sum(Fields!Count.Value, "CountDataset")>0 ,TRUE,FALSE)

this will work out


I am applying the settings to the Tablix (matrix) properties. If you select hidden you dont get the option to type in an expression. So I have selected the "show or hide based on and expression".

I need to check the dataset if there are any records with the value "DK1" in the field called DK1_DK2. If there are any records with the above criteria I need to show the matrix otherwise hide it.

So you contribution wont solve it.

Have you defined the group. Since it is a aggregate function, you can't use it without group.
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I have tried to change it to:

Set expression for: Hidden
=IIf((Count(Fields!DK1_DK2.Value = "DK1") < 0),True,False)

and it works I have not defined a group!?

oh great. Thanks for sharing.
Project Leader
First, parameter for CountRows function is "Scope" not a condition.
Second, if you return TRUE from your expression, your table will be hidden.

You mentioned,
IF the column in the dataset contains more than one rows that has "DK1" in fiel valued I would like to show the table.

Please try below expression:
=iif(Sum( IIF (Fields!DK1_DK2.Value="DK1", 1, 0)) > 1, FALSE, TRUE)

You can also simplify the expression as below:
=Sum(IIF(Fields!DK1_DK2.Value="DK1", 1, 0)) <= 1


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