Upgrade Broadcom Firmware in a Windows Cluster Environment

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Hi Team,

We need to upgrade the Broadcom firmware in a windows clustered environment. In a two node windows 2003 cluster, on each node two physical NICs are teamed and created as virtual NICs. Virtual NIC is using a Network for cluster IP resources in three cluster groups.
If we want to upgrade the Broadcom firmware we need to break the NIC teaming to do the upgrade. In this case if we break the teaming, Please let us know if it affects the cluster IP resource and causes any issues.
Please help us on this.
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Yes ! If you break the NIC teaming the IP network will be rebuilt and during that time the IP settings on the NICs will be lost. The NIC driver needs some time (several seconds) to reconfigure network layers.
This will surely provocate a failure of the IP address cluster resources, and then will provocate a failover of cluster groups to another node.

So the best practice is probably to prepare the move of cluster groups to only one node so that the other node do not hosts cluster groups anymore. You will then be able to stop cluster service on this node, break the NIC teaming, upgrade the driver, and recreate the Team and the IP settings. Finally you will restart the cluster service.
You can then repeat these actions for the second node.

You should stop the cluster service before modifying anything on IP settings or NICs to avoid any bad reaction of the cluster service that might try to relaunch some resources during yours actions.

Have a good day


Hi PaciB,

Thanks for the solution. We did as per your suggestion and it worked.

Thanks once again.

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