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keepass equal for ios (iphone&snow leopard)?

jazzIIIlove used Ask the Experts™
Hi there,

I am using keepass in my windows environment and i have a database file of my passwords.

I need to have keepass in my iphone 3GS and snow leopard. I failed to run it in snow leopard, although i installed in mono.

What is the alternative in iphone and snow leopard so that i can view my password database?

Kind regards.
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Have you tried the unofficial builds for OS X and IOS on their website?

Downloads / Unofficial Builds
yes, i tried by installing mono, it's installed in mi snow leopard but when it comes to invoking, the program gives the impression as it's going to start but the interface doesn't appear in desktop.

For iphone, i couldn't find any equivalent in appstore.

Is there any program for ios and snow that accepts the export of keepass?

Kind regards.
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