resizing multiple picture in once

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I have to resize a lot of pictures
Is there a way from windows 7 or any software to quickly resize a group pf picture to make them easier to send by email.

By selecting multiple picture and chosing 1 size for all

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Put all the images into a single folder (make sure to have a copy of the folder in case)
Use Microsoft Office Picture Manager
Select the Thumbnail View
Select All the Images
Click on Re-size or compress on the right pane
Enter select parameters based on your requirement
Click ok

Its Done


Microsoft office comes with windows 7 or you have to purchase it ?
I don't find it on my computer

It comes with Microsoft Office Package
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If you are looking for a free tool try this

I haven't used this but his might serve your purposes
Hi speedtofly,

I usually use Windows Live Photo Gallery (free).

Select the images you want to resize, click the Edit tab, click Resize and select the size you want.

New files are created so your originals remain untouched.

There is the free tool VSO for image resizer includes batch and a other options.
Another method and fun is use windows live movie maker
your in windows 7.
open it drop all your clips on then go to top left corner file>save>select for email
done it will save it as a small slideshow wmv format
windows live moviemaker save for email

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